Pawprint Keepsakes
Pet Paw Prints Framed

Looking to capture a very precious moment in time of your precious pet?

Our pet paw prints framed are a great reminder over the years to come of your beloved pet dog or cat.

Family Keepsakes

Freestanding 3D Adult & Child Handclaps

Our free-standing 3D Adult and Children handclasps are a beautiful way to capture a memorable moment in time.  Mother and Daughter or Father and Son they make a real centre-piece in any home.  

What is the process for 3D Adult and Children Handclaps?
3D Adult and Children handclasps involve the child having the to follow instructions. The process takes approximately one minute.
Alginate is a seaweed mixed product which is initially mixed with water.  The hands go into the mixture and wait for it to change colour.  They are then removed.  The hole is then filled with a precious plaster.  Once this has set the alginate the hands are removed. There are a variety of colours to complete the cast which includes:-
– silver
– gold
– bronze
– pewter
Framed Impressions
3D Baby Hand and Foot Impressions
So lifelike, these high definition 3D baby hand and foot impressions and sculptures will provide a unique keepsake and a lasting memory of your baby or child.  Cast a Memory’s casting process is unique, we use only the highest quality materials which is 100% non-toxic and takes only seconds to set
We have a large range of frames and matt boards to choose from which will compliment your child’s nursery or home décor. You have a choice of colours for your impressions which include matte silver, shiny silver, bronze, white, mother of pearl, pink, blue and purple. Frames also include engraved name plaque.
Cast a Memory are known for our beautiful quality product which is modern, contemporary and unique. We look forward to casting your memories and meeting your family.


While we create impressions for babies and children, we also think impressions come better at certain ages. Hand and foot castings are easier for younger babies from new born till 4 months because they are calmer and it gives room for better creations.  However, castings can be done at any age. Please note that if your child is 1 year and over, we can only offer hand casting (no feet).

It does not take us more than 60 seconds to take the mould for each hand or foot. We use a seaweed-based quality casting material that is safe and non-toxic. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us at